Our son reached the ripe age of 4 years old this week.  To reflect on these past few years of fatherhood is to realize how much more understanding we have of how God sees us.  Rearing, directing and teaching a son has become so closely related to how we respond to admonition, exhortation and discipline in our own lives everyday from our very own Maker.  We know such love as this. 

One Acre of Land

As people, wherever we have been, we have never really intended to be. 

- Wendell Berry, The Unsettling of America

It may seem incredibly small and insignificant, especially when being surrounded by 200 acres of farmland, that we claim responsibility for 1 small acre of land.  We have always thought about finding a place with more land or more woods but one who always desires more thinks that he has less.  Instead we have come to the realization that we have been given stewardship of this small piece of soil and will approach it with intention.

I belong to the chain of being too, as a participant not an observer. Nature is not television and the question isn't to use or not to use but rather how to use.

- David Budbill

 Potato harvesting day

Potato harvesting day

By understanding accurately his proper place in Creation, a man may be made whole.

- Wendell Berry

 proclaiming gratitude for this food

proclaiming gratitude for this food

Now that we have understood our responsibility to this small patch of earth we have begun to live with intention and purpose.   We have learned to enjoy and utilize and repair every possible inch to the best of our ability.  We do not just look out of the window from inside our house and exist here but step out of the back door and engage with this incredible gift we have been given.

Many children, by no fault of their own, have no idea what a potato looks like or where it comes from before it is made into a french-fry.  Many children have no context from which to understand where milk comes from or the origin of a scrambled egg.  In using this gift of land our son will understand nature, wildlife, farming, FOOD and hard labor with great reward.  He will be one child who understands his place within creation so that he may be made whole.